Saturday 22 July 2006

A Treasure of Prayer by: James W. Albrecht

A Treasure of Prayers
James W. Albrecht
Scepter Press
ISBN 1889334340

This is a great little prayer book that has been in print continuously since it’s release in 1975. It is small and compact, easily carried around in your pocket or knapsack. It is an awesome collection of 33 Prayers. Gleaned from the Church’s history and fast treasury of prayers. Unlike Socia’s Handbook Of Prayers this book focus mush more on personal prayers, and less on corporate prayers, though it does contain Some of the standard one’s.

The first half of the book is side-by-side English and Latin Versions of prayers and the second half is more for personal devotion. In between the two sections is a great Prayer for use before the Blessed Sacrament, which is seldom found in other collections.

The Prayers are as follows:

Section I (Latin & English)
Sign of The Cross
Lord’s Prayer
Hail Mary
Glory Be
Blessing before Meals
Grace after Meals
The Confiteor
To the Holy Spirit
Adore Te Devote
Hail, Holy Queen
The Angelus
The Regina Coeli
Psalm 2
Psalm 51
Some Aspirations
To St. Michael
Athanasian Creed

Section II
Praying Before the Blessed Sacrament

Section III
Act of Faith
Act of Hope
Act of Love
Apostle’s Creed
Act of Contrition
Veni, Sancte Spiritus
Veni, Creator
Spiritual Communion
Personal Meditation
Way of the Cross
The Memorare
Mysteries of the Rosary
Litany of the Blessed Virgin
To St. Joseph
Sorrows and Joys of St. Joseph
To the Guardian Angel

With all of that there is so much Spiritual punch in such a little book. Well worth picking up to add variety to your times of prayer and devotion.

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