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Gods Armor Bearer Book II Bloom Where You Are Planted by: Terry Nance

God’s Armor Bearer Book II:
Bloom Where Your Planted
Terry Nance
Harrison House
ISBN: 0892747331

Book two is just as good as Book I in this series. Also as I mentioned in my reviews of Book I there is also now available a combined book I & II as well as a newer Book III.

Nance Starts off with his reason for writing this second volume “I feel such an urgency about each member of the Body of Christ finding his place and remaining faithful, so we can be productive in God’s Kingdom.” p.11. This is the main premise of this second book, that each Christian has a role and responsibility to serve the body based upon gifts and calling. Each of us as Christians, if we have been called also have a job to do, Nance States: “God has a purpose in life for you to fulfill. You are not here by accident. You have a destiny in God to fulfill. You must find out your purpose by seeking God.” p.21 Yet the journey to the God given goals and dreams in our lives will not be easy.

Nance tell us that “If you do not exercise faith in life to reach a goal or vision, you will never achieve it. You are going to have to get up and work toward your goal.” p.27 Growing in the spiritual life is work and much like getting the body into shape, the spiritual life requires a workout plan, moderation of intake (books, TV, Movies…) and discipline. If we are faithful and diligent in the small things God may call us to greater things or reveal more gifts in us. “You also have talents in your life that will come forward as you trust God’s grace n the small things. We are what we are by His Grace. If you always obey His Original Instructions, you will see things begin to work.” p. 32 and “God wants to develop His character in you before He Exalts your ministry.” p. 33. God cares about who we are on the inside far far more than what we present to others on the outside. Our whole live in Christ comes down to Character and obedience. Without those two it is all for naught. Nance later States: “I believe God is challenging us to take steps of faith that we have never taken before. God wants to move us out of our comfort zones.” p.34 The Christian life will not often be the easy path or the past of least resistance, and much more so for those who try to serve Christ as a leader. To become a leader your must serve your leaders faithfully and with a pure heart.

If we look at the parable of the sower, we as Christians are not all one type of seed. “God determined the type of seed you are and where you were to be planted.” p.19 Therefore like Nance stated in the subtitle of this book we should ‘Bloom Where You Are Planted’ We each have specific fruits we are to bring to the Body and serve the body by using our fruits well for the Glory of God!

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Books I & II have also been translated into 4 different languages all available at Terry Nance also has a great website that is worth checking out.

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