Thursday 6 August 2020

Dex’s Way - Karina Fabian - Dex Hollister Book 2

Dex Hollister Dex’s Way
Dex Hollister Book 2
Karina Fabian
Laser Cow Press
eISBN 9781733447133

I find it hard to believe that it has been 8 years since I read a book by Karina Fabian, but when I check my list of books read. That is what came up. I have read her contributions in a couple of anthologies. And had picked up a few of her books. They were just all still in my ‘to be read pile’. After reading the prequel to this excellent work, The Old Man and the Void I have already bumped a couple of the others to the top of my to be read list. I read the two Dex Hollister books and one of the anthologies edited by Fabian in under a week. And already have two others in my reading list for next week. This was another excellent story. It was the second story by Fabian that I have read that was not religious, or at least not overly Catholic. There are many religious references within this book, Visions, Gods, and an intricate mythology.  It is pure science fiction. Written in a very classic style. The continues 600 years after the first. And Fabian has masterfully written it. 

Fabian states at the beginning of this volume:

“If you’ve not read The Old Man and the Void, may I suggest you do so first? You’ll enjoy Dex’s Way that much more!”

And I can see her point. But I believe this story is strong enough to stand on it’s own. And that if you were to read this one first you would have a great desire to go back and read the first story. This story reminds me of some of the Alfred Bester Novels I read many years back. There are also echo’s of some of Frank Herbert’s on Dune books, like The Eye's of Heisenberg and The Green Brain. 

Dex is pulled from the accretion of a black hole, some 600 years after he went in. At least 600 years of chronological time. Not the relative time of being near the hole. His is very damaged, and he wakes up in a new age, in a vastly different society, and with a very modified body. He is immediately on a quest to track down the AI that had been his partner and part of his life for years. Soon he realized his quest has not only endangered himself, but some of the few people he has become close to in this time. Can he adapt to his new hybrid human and alien DNA, and customs in time to save his new friends, and hopefully his old AI. 

This book is a wonderful read. Excellent for fans of classic science fiction. Or anyone who enjoys a great story. A fantastic story that I highly recommend. And I really hope it is not our last encounter with Dex.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2020 Catholic Reading Plan!

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