Thursday 27 August 2020

The Invisible Invasion - Dustin Brady - Trapped in a Video Game Book 2

The Invisible Invasion
Trapped in a Video Game Book 2
Dustin Brady
Jesse Brady (Illustrator)
Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN 9781449494896
eISBN 9781449496128

We picked up the first book in this series, Trapped in a Video Game, after my son started reading it with his cousins. They read every night before bed and he was hooked after the first few chapters. We picked up the eBook as soon as we were home, and my son devoured it. My son read it to me as part of his daily reading. He often reads well beyond the minimum 20 minutes a day. And we are already well into book three. Any book that inspires my son to keep reading when the timer goes off is a big winner in my books. And because of that it got a solid 5/5 stars from both of us.

This is the second installment in a five-book series. We are a little late to the game, in that the whole series has already been released. It just means we can read them back to back. The story was first self published in 2016, then picked up and published in 2018 by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

This is again a story about friendship, about video games, and about survival. Jesse Rigsby who hates video games. His best friend is Eric Conrad loves games and can’t wait to play the latest and greatest. And Mark who sacrificed himself in order o help them escape from Full Blast. So, when Jesse has what he thinks is a dream about a toy telling him there is a way to save Mark he jumps at the opportunity. And this lands him back in a video game, this time a mobile app. He is in a game called Go Wild It is like a cross between Pokemon Go and My Singing Monsters

Soon Jessy is teamed up with Mister Gregory, the father of one of the kids in his class, and employee at a game development company. He needs to get Eric’s attention, and help in order to use a combination of the features of Go Wild, and their cunning to free Mark from the video game company’s servers. 

In this story the risks are higher, the dangers more intense, and the ploy races along from beginning to end. And it ends on a cliff hanger. You will need to read to see all that Jessy, Eric and Mr. Gregory go through to try and save Mark. Far less gun, but a lot more monsters in this installment of the Trapped In A Video Game Series

This is another great read in what is proving to be an excellent series. This family gives it top marks and highly recommends the book and the series!

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