Tuesday 24 September 2019

Lockdown - Jack Heath - Liars Book 4

Liars Book 4
ISBN 9781742993423
eISBN 9781743834671

This series is getting better with every book! This is the fourth of five books in the Liars series. I am very thankful that the eBooks are available globally. This book is a great MG/YA read. It has a fast pace. Lots of action and Jarli and his friends getting caught in the middle of another of master criminal Viper’s plots. The majority of this story takes place either in or immediately around the Kelton Hospital. 

The story begins with Jarli and his classmates on a school trip to the local hospital. While there the facility is taken over by members of Viper’s crew. They are all using snake names as aliases. These armed thugs are using unusual weapons. Crossbows, cutlasses, and more. Most of the students are barricaded in an operating theatre with two doctors and an injured man. But Jarli and Anya are stuck on the outside. The criminals have brought jammers with them, so no one is able to get a signal out. Anya seems to have some series skill, and soon her and Jarli have escaped and are trying to get a message to the police.

Later with the help of a suspended cop, and their school nurse, they try something very risky. And hopefully they can save their friends and if not stop at least put a dent in Vipers plans. While Jarli and Anya are racing around on the outside, his friends Doug and Bess are trying what they canto protect their classmates and help the injured man.

The plot races from beginning to end. The story takes place over the period of several hours, all on the same day. Between the thugs on site, and Viper controlling them remotely. Bianco a suspended cop wanting to help and to clear her name. And two different people claiming that they know what Viper looks like. We appear to be racing breakneck towards the conclusion of this series in the next volume. 

This book and this series are very well written. Heath has written this series with the tweens and teens in mind, but it can be enjoyed by any reader who just enjoy great reads. And I think the books would make an excellent miniseries on TV. I am sure if you give this series a try you will be entertained!

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