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Do No Harm - Fiorella De Maria

Do No Harm
Fiorella De Maria
Ignatius Press

ISBN 9781586177249
eISBN 9781681491417

This was the third novel by Fiorella De Maria that I have read. Each of the three to date have rated a solid 5/5 stars. I was captivated by  A Most Dangerous Innocence, and enthralled by The Vanishing Woman the first of the father Gabriel Mysteries. But this book was the book that I could not put down. I stated before that after reading A Most Dangerous Innocence, I picked up all the eBooks available of works by Fiorella De Maria and set to work tracking down the three that do not have electronic editions. And this was the third novel by Fiorella that I have read. And with everything I read I am more impressed with Fiorella’s skill in the craft of writing. I read a lot of books, over the last few years I have read over 300 books a year. I read a lot of good books, and a few great books, and some very exceptional books. This is an exceptional read. As life has a way of imitating fiction, I hope that this novel and others along these lines can serve as a wake-up call and sobering warning. 

In this story Dr. Matthew Kemble working the late shift in the Emergency Room must make a split-second decision.  He must either ignore his oath as a Doctor and let a young woman die or he must go against her ‘Living Will’ and save her life after her suicide attempt. He is charged with assault for saving her life, and trespassing her right to die. And to make the situation even worse Matthew had been a very vocal opponent to the legislation. The trial is rushed and soon both only is Matthews family attacked but one of his defense team. The case is both politically and religiously charged. 

This book covers a lot of current hot topics. Both in Europe and north America. In fact it could be fiction taken right from the Catholic Answers book 20 Answers End Of Life issues by Jason Negri. The story deals with issues around right to die, Doctor assisted suicide, living wills, and even suicide as a broader topic. The story is gripping from beginning to end. And the characters are incredibly well written. The story has a slight mystery element to it, as part of the court room drama. In fact the same story could be rewritten with the former roommate and brother as the ones on trial. 

There are lots of books that I finish and think I will read them again. There are a few that I put back in my ‘to be read’ pile. This is in the second category. I know I will cycle back and reread this after I finished all of Fiorella’s works. This is an excellent story; I cannot encourage you enough to read it.

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