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Never Go Back - Lee Child - Jack Reacher Book 18

Never Go Back
Jack Reacher Book 18
Lee Child
Penguin Random House Canada
ISBN 9780399594977
eISBN 9780440339373

After reading this story and 29 other Reacher novels and shot stories over the last 6 months I now understand why so many people were upset when Tom Cruise was cast in the role of Reacher. In fact, I read all the other Reacher stories before finally reading the two that were movies with Cruise. That being said I was very surprised by this story and consider it one of the most interesting in the lot. This was a little harder reading this one because of having seen the movie. It is difficult not to overlay the images and scenes from the movie with the book. But in the end, I did enjoy the story. And there are significant differences. I have read 29 Reacher stories in the last 25 weeks. And now I must wait for the next one to release. I started by chance I was picking up the current release because the description caught my attention when I was looking at it as a gift for my father. That first one, Past Tense, was great and many since have been excellent reads. But back to this story.

Chronologically the few novels leading up to this one have Reacher heading towards a specific path and a specific person. He is heading towards Virginia and the current CO of the 100th, a Major Susan Turner. When he arrives he is sent right up to her office, which was formerly his office. But Susan is not behind the desk, in fact it is a lieutenant colonel Morgan was behind the desk. Reacher is informed that Turner has been arrested, and that he has been recalled into the Military. And thus, begins an adventure that goes from coast to coast and back, and also includes a jail break, many broken bones, and some serious consequences. At one point the police, FBI, and Military police are all looking to be the ones to bring Reacher in. But Reacher is not an easy guy to find and when he knows he is being hunted it becomes even more difficult.

The story focuses around two cases against Reacher and the case against Turner. Together the two of them work out all three issues by trying to figure out who wants them off the table and why.

The Reacher stories always entertain. Some of them have a lot of sex, and some of them have a lot of violence. This one has a little of both but is more story driven than action driven than most of the books in the series. And this one was worth the read. There is no comparison to the movie, so even if you say the movie, weather you liked it or not you should give this story a try. A great read in the crime literature genre, and as mentioned one of my favorites of all the Reacher books. And while I am waiting for the next Reacher novel to be published, I am going to start reading the Jack books by Diane Capri, about FBI agent Kim Otto trying to track down Reacher. 

Another great read in the Reacher series. 

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