Thursday 12 September 2019

Keto Diet: The Complete Guide For Beginners - Joey Robbins

Keto Diet: The Complete Guide For Beginners
Joey Robbins

Overall, I was very pleased with this book. It has some great material. And is a good place for beginners. And as a self-published eBook it is very reasonably priced.

But this book has some pros and some cons. And it has some great recipes. I will get the complaints out of the way and then get to the good stuff. First the title of the book as appears on the cover is “Keto Diet For Beginners: the Complete Guide”, the title as displayed on Amazon and Goodreads is “Keto Diet: The Complete Guide For Beginners To Fast Weight Loss (Ketogenic Diet Recipes, Keto Meal Prep, Keto Meal Plan, Ketosis Low Carb Diet Cookbook) ... Diet Cookbook, Weight Loss, For Beginners)”. Talk about stacking your keywords and playing to the algorithms. I understand that the self-published market is pretty cutthroat, but I really get frustrated by this sort of gaming the system. My second complaint is the units of measurement used in the recipes. It mixes metric and imperial measurements. As a great cookbook I would expect either it have both, or that it stick to one of the other. The feeling I get is the recipes were collected and the units of measurements were not unified across the different recipes. It was weird having some recipes use grams and teaspoon and tablespoons. While others had cups, and ounces, and teaspoons. But putting aside those two lets look at what we get.

The sections in the book are:
Bonus Snacks
7 Day Meal Plan
And then 3 Bonus items.

Each of the three meal sections have 6 recipes and both the snack chapters have 4 and then 5. For a total of 27 recipes. Having gone through them all based on ingredients and personal preference there are 5 I would be unlikely to ever do. Of the 22 remaining I have tried a few and am very happy with the results. I just wished the index or table of contents listed each recipe so you could jump right to it, instead of having to go to the section and then scroll through. And though the book is small I think it would also benefit from an index, especially of ingredients, so you could look up Salmon and find the two recipes. The best thing about this book is the 7 Day Meal Plan. For anyone new to Keto, or just wanting a quick schedule this week plan is an excellent resource.

Overall a good resource. The meal plan is great. The book could use a few tweaks to make it exceptional. But well worth the price.

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