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Robert Southwell Priest,Poet and Martyr - Fiorella De Maria - CTS Saints of the Isles Series

Robert Southwell:
Priest,Poet and Martyr
CTS Saints of the Isles Series
Fiorella De Maria
Catholic Truth Society
ISBN 9781860822155
CTS Booklet B674

My first reaction to reading this booklet was that it was a double blessing to read this book. It is out of print and was not easy to track down. It is one of the best of the CTS Saints of the Isles Series. And I have been trying to read all of Fiorella De Maria's books. The Saints of the Isles of one of my favorites among the CTS series. In the last year and a bit, I have read and reviewed over 90 books from the Catholic Truth Society. And in the last month I have read and reviewed 4 of the novels by Fiorella De Maria. The description on the back cover of this booklet states:

“With his father an ambitious (and protestant) courtier to Queen Elizabeth, Robert was brought up in the Catholic faith by his mother. Accomplished writer of prose and poetry, he worked as a priest with great Zealand success around London from 1586-1592. He was betrayed, tortured with extreme severity and imprisoned in the Tower. At 33 he was executed at Tyburn, London, (near today’s marble arch) profession his faith and his priesthood, and praying for his enemies. One of the forty Martyrs, he was canonised in 1970.

The Saints of the Isles series brings together telling accounts of the extraordinary lives of men and women from the British Isles – lives of holiness, courage and true discipleship to Christ and the Gospel message.”

The chapters in this volume are:

Catholicism in England under Elizabeth
The Early Life of Robert Southwell
The Student in Exile
Arrival in England
Life on the English mission
Robert Southwell the Poet
Robert Southwell and Shakespeare
Arrest and Torture
Robert Southwell on Trail
‘The Scaffold was the Block Where Ease I Found …’
Robert Southwell: A Saint for England

This book was a fascinating read. I first encountered Robert Southwell in another book in this series, Forty Martyrs of England and Wales by James Walsh. Southwell was one of several saints from that booklet that I wanted to go further in my reading. And this booklet was an excellent next step. Fiorella does an amazing job of fleshing out the life of this saint in just under 60 pages. The booklet can easily be read in a single afternoon. I have read it once and am already part way through it again.

This book sticks to the facts. Especially around his formative years and in relation to Shakespeare. The one thing that was not in the book that I would have loved was a prayer. Either a prayer to Saint John Southworth or one of the ones he wrote. There were a number of quotes from his writings. And the extensive bibliography will provide great jumping off points for exploring either his poetry, his writings or going deeper into his life and ministry.

As much as I love Fiorella's fiction after reading this book, I hope she writes more books about saints. For her fiction is excellent but this book was amazing. This book is an excellent read. And though currently out of print well worth tracking down.

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Robert Southwell – CTS Saints of the Isles

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