Wednesday 4 September 2019

The Set-Up - Jack Heath - Liars Book 3

The Set-Up
Liars Book 3
ISBN 9781742993416
eISBN 9781760272920

I believe this series is planned for 5 books. Four of the 5 have been published by Scholastic Australia. And thankfully are available at least as eBooks globally. It can be very frustrating to start a series and find that the rest of the books are not available in your region. But let’s get back to the review of this specific book. This book should prove to be the mid-point in the series. It is the fifth book by Jack Heath that I have read, and the third in the Liars series. Both the first two books were great reads, but this one is even better. I often jump around when reading series. But that is not possible, nor would I recommend it with this series. This series is a single continuous story, not a series of books with overlapping characters. And as soon as you finish one, you will desperately want the next volume. I consumed this installment in three sittings over 2 days. I had a really difficult time putting it down the two times I needed to. I just did not want to stop reading. And it took every ounce of self control to wait until after finishing the review before jumping into book 4, Lockdown. But resist I did so that this review could be book specific.

This story picks up sometime after the first. At the beginning of this story Jarli and Doug are at a robotics competition. But Doug sort of freaks out because his best friend from his previous life is there, and he has had no contact since entering witness protection. We soon find out that she thought Doug and his family were dead and is very upset with him. Jarli is contracted by the government to to be witness to a news conference by the minister of defense. Jarli meets and works briefly with the billionaire Plowman. But soon he is wanted for a murder he did not commit and ends up on the lam.

Jarli is back in the sights of Viper, and trying to keep his head down does not seem to be working. Fortunately he has Doug, and Anya in his corner. And he meets some other youth that end up helping out. 

As stated, this is an excellent read. And it is part of a great series. It was written with the middle grade or young adult audience in mind, but the book and series can be read and enjoyed by readers of any age and enjoyed and entertained. It is going to be very interesting to see where this story goes in the next volume. 

The plot is brisk. The story once it gets going races through to the end. The events take place over a few days. The characters are well written, and Jarlie and his friends new and old are especially well done. 

A great read in an excellent series! Highly recommend for readers of all ages. Anyone who loves a good mystery-action story will enjoy these books. Well done Mr. Heath well done!  

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