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Unlikely Witnesses - Leslea Wahl

Unlikely Witnesses
Leslea Wahl
eLectio Publishing

eISBN 9781732903708

Sometimes great things come in small packages. That was my first thought upon finishing this novella. This story continues sometime after the short story that was part of the anthology Secrets: Visible & Invisible 7 Amazing Stories from Catholic Teen Books. That story combines the main characters from the novels The Perfect Blindside and An Unexpected Role. But this story is strong enough to be read on its own. It is a great story to be read as a stand alone, as an introduction to the characters from the other stories, or if you have already read the other novels. I loved not only the story but how it was told. 

The family vacation to a dude ranch in the Colorado Rockies, ends us throwing another mystery at the 4 teens. But first the story is told as FBI Agent Martinez is interviewing 4 teen witnesses. The story begins with these words:

“Sometimes fifteen minutes can make all the difference. Fifteen minutes later and he would’ve been gone for the day. A mere quarter of an hour…and this would’ve been someone else’s problem.”

But sometimes God has a plan even when we do not see it, and occasionally when we are trying to avoid it. Each of the four teens were witness to something, but at the beginning we do not know what. We have from The Perfect Blindside Jake and Sophie. And from An Unexpected Role we have Josie and Ryan. Martinez separates the witness into 4 interrogation rooms. He just wants to get their statements and get away for the weekend to his solitude at his cabin fishing. He begins by interviewing Josie DelRio, then he continues the story with Ryan, next is Sophie Metcalf. At that point it is getting late and he gathers the three he has interviewed with Jake to hear the end of the tale. 

It was really fun reading as each of the teens told part of the events of the last few days that lead to them being witnesses and giving their statements to the FBI. The story has the family fun of a vacation with three generations together. The continuing story of the two couples. The extreme competitiveness of Jake and Ryan, that seem to be able to turn anything into a competition. And the mystery, first a missing calf, and other missing items from farms and ranches around the one they are staying at. Seeing a guy who seems out of place in the woods. And spotting a campsite with 4 guys who appear to be up to something. An encounter with a pawn broker that does not seem completely forthcoming. And four young adults who are just trying to do the right thing.

It is a great read. It was hard to put down and we are left wanting more adventures with the young adults and their families. It is clean Christian fiction. With great characters, and a wonderful story, and format for delivering the story. Another great read by Leslea Wahl!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2018 Catholic Reading Plan!

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