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You See Me, You Hear Me - Father Michael E. Giesler

You See Me, You Hear Me:
A Short Guide to Prayer for Young People
Father Michael E. Giesler
Scepter Publishers
ISBN 9781594171888


First, I am not a young person. I am nearly 50, but the subtitle of this book is subtle, and I am thankful I picked it up and read it, and have now actually read it through twice. I encountered this book while on retreat. And picked up the eBook edition. Unlike most books I did not read this book straight through. I came back to it a few times and worked my way through it slowly. And then reread it in a shorter time span to prepare this review.

This book comes in at just under 100 pages. My first time through it I highlighted 39 passages and quotes. The second time through I used a different color and added a few more highlights. This book begins with a prayer, a prayer I am familiar with from monthly recollections I attend, and from retreats I have been on.

"My Lord and my God, I firmly believe that you are here, that you see me, that you hear me. I adore you with profound reverence. I ask your pardon for my sins and the grace to make this time of prayer fruitful. My Immaculate Mother, St. Joseph my father and lord, my guardian angel, intercede for me."

What a great way to start a book, with a prayer like this. The sections in this book are:

Mental Prayer: Personal Conversation With God
Finding Christ In Scripture

     Prayer In Everyday Things
     Talking With Christ All Day Long
     Prayer From The Heart
     The Benefits Of Regular Prayer
     Spiritual Reading
     Plan To Pray
     Always Time For Mary
     Qualities Of Good Prayer
     The Four Great Kinds Of Prayer
     Meditation And Other Forms Of Prayer
Other Tips For Good Prayer
     When To Pray
     Where To Pray
     Opening And Closing Prayers
     Resolutions, Affections, And Inspirations
Obstacles To Mental Prayer
Examples Of Personal Prayer

     A Prayer That Strengthens
     A Prayer That Forgives
     A Prayer That Consoles
     A Prayer For More Love
     A Prayer That Asks For Forgiveness
     A Prayer Of Thanksgiving
     A Girl's Prayer For Advice
Some Valuable Vocal Prayers
     Morning Offering
     Act Of Faith
     The Angelus
     Psalm 2
     Prayer To St. Michael The Archangel
     Inspiring Brief Prayers (Aspirations)
Your Favorite Prayers, Reflections, Or Quotations

The last section is more useful in the print edition, but with the eBook you can highlight and add notes anywhere in the text. Here are is a sampling of the sections I highlighted while reading this wonderful book.

"There's something deep inside each of us that wants to communicate, not only through cyberspace, but in a way that is far more personal and spiritual. We call this special way prayer, and we tap into it with our minds and our hearts."

"Prayer is true communication between a person and God."

"When prayer is truly developed, a person has the habit of communicating with God all day long-at work, with her family, during rest. This is obtained by the person's own effort to pray each day, but above all, by God's grace that inspires the person to speak with him."

"Prayer is not only for emergencies, nor only for Sunday Mass, but for everyday life."

"Prayer and reflection give us depth. Through daily prayer we always remember who we are and where we're going."

"Prayer gives you extra strength to do the things you must and avoid the things that are harmful. That makes perfect sense, since prayer is really companionship. Instead of facing life alone, you're facing it with someone else: Jesus Christ and his grace."

"Regular prayer, along with the Holy Eucharist, is the bread that sustains you in your journey through life. It provides sustenance for all the circumstances of your day, whether expected or unexpected."

"Catholic theologians over the centuries have taught that there are four great kinds of prayer that reflect what Christ did throughout his life, particularly on the cross and at Holy Mass. They are adoration, petition, thanksgiving, and atonement."

"Good prayer will engage all the powers of our souls: to consider and to know a truth, using our memory, imagination, and intellect; to will or desire something; to express emotions such as joy, sadness, fear, and love. When we pray well, all three of these powers are activated. We find that our minds, wills, and emotions are elevated and purified by contact with God. Good prayer, then, will have resolutions for our will, affections for our emotions, and feelings, and inspirations for our mind."

I hope one or more of those quotes has pique your interest, because I truly believe that this book will benefit your prayer life. This is one of the best books I have ever read on prayer. There are some excellent examples of prayer in this book. Prayers about studying, prayers about being upset with friends. I really wish I had had this book when I was a tween or a teen. I am thankful to have read it now. And will share it with my children when they are a little older.

While researching to prepare this review I have discovered that books by this author appear under a variety of name variations. And I am not even sure I have been able to track down all his books. At the time of this writing I have found 7 books in English, and 1 in Spanish. They are published under the following names: Michael E. Giesler, Rev. Michael Giesler, Father Michael Giesler, Michael Edward Giesler and just Michael Giesler. Based on how wonderful this book was I have already picked up his three historical fiction novels and look forward to reading them.

Most of the way through the books is the prayer that the above-mentioned recollections end with:

 "I thank you, my God, for the good resolutions, affections, and inspirations that you have communicated to me in this time of prayer. I ask your help in putting them into effect. My Immaculate Mother, St. Joseph my father and lord, my guardian angel, intercede for me."

Again, a wonderful prayer to end this review with. This is a book I will share eagerly with my children. It is an excellent read, even if you are not so young!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2018 Catholic Reading Plan!

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