Monday 17 September 2018

Where You Lead - Leslea Wahl

Where You Lead
Leslea Wahl
ISBN 9781732134867
eISBN 9780463200247

While I was reading this book I could hardly put it down. I was reading it on my commutes to work, and sharing about it with my oldest daughter when I got home. We have added it to her school reading list for this year, and if we were not in the middle of school books at the moment I would be rereading it again already with her. This book feels like a mash up of a female lead from Madeleine L'Engle crossed with Nancy Drew, and the movie National Treasure. As such though written for the young adult market but would be appealing and entertaining to anyone who likes that historical mystery type of story.

The story combines the historical elements, with mystery and action, but the key factor is underlying it all is faith. The two great strengths of the story are the ability by Wahl to weave a plot this is so gripping and entertaining and yet maintaining the believability factor. And Second the characters. I need to admit that the budding relationship element (romance) in the novel is not what attracts a middle aged man to the story. But it is done in such a way that at least for this reader the romance is secondary. The theme of trusting and following God's leading, even when you do not understand it. The main characters realization that the little things we do in faith matter as much as the big things God calls us to do. And the whole mystery of missing civil war gold.

The story begins with Eve waking up from a vision. It was more real than many of her memories. And inspired by it, she starts searching for the guy she sees in the vision, and works towards steering her family into a cross country move. Set in and around Washington, DC the book is full of significant sites, and reminder of the past, the history. Soon Nick and Eve are doing all they can to unravel a mystery and track clues that go back to the civil war.

The writing is tight. The characters very well developed. Once you start reading you will find it hard to put the book down. It is a gripping read and the tension really builds as the main characters find themselves threatened on more than one front. Even as a non-American the story is gripping it will draw you in and keep you riveted to the pages. This is a good clean Christian novel.

The novel is an excellent read, and could serve as the beginning of a series, but for that only time will tell. As mentioned written for a Young Adult audience, but great for anyone who enjoys a good mystery!

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