Thursday 6 September 2018

The Prayer of the Christian Samurai - Paul E. Nowak

The Prayer of the Christian Samurai

Lord Jesus, 
I pledge myself wholly to Your service as a loyal Christian samurai. You alone will I serve, with no other master before You. Daily I will live as dead to the world so that I may live only in You. May Your Will always come before my own.
Give me the strength to tirelessly perfect myself and serve all humanity, for each and every person in this world is Your treasure. May I never forget that I have only the present moment to act, and to joyfully press on in times of difficulty.

Although everything I have in this life will pass away, so long as I remain focused on You I have nothing to fear, for I can never lose Your Love. When all that You require of me is done, may I rest forever in your embrace as your faithful servant.

This pray is from a recent book I read. It stuck with me and I share it here again with you.

It is from the book: 

The Way of the Christian Samurai: 
Reflections for Servant-Warriors of Christ
Paul E. Nowak
Eternal Revolution

ASIN 9780977223466

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