Tuesday 11 September 2018

Flows Like Water - Mark Burley - Hit the Ground Running Book 2

Flows Like Water
Hit the Ground Running Book 2
Mark Burley
Blue Moon Publishers
ISBN 9781988279657

When I read reviewed book 1, Hit the Ground Running, I stated that in "some ways it reads like the 39 Clues, and in some ways it reads like Conspiracy 365 by Gabrielle Lord.  Or another way to maybe describe it would be a cross between a young Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne and Indiana Jones. And I do not throw out those three names lightly." And this book has that same feel. If anything the action only heightens as book two progresses. This book is a cross up of adventure, action, archaeology, and this volume continues with myths and legends of old. But through in a double plot twist. 

The first is a secret at the Vatican. And a long held prisoner kept in a secret chamber for year and years. The other, is a mystery for Tess, about the death of her father. And to be honest the story ends with a double cliff hanger. That is one of the disadvantages of reading advance copies of books. It is that much longer until the next volume comes out. And that was hour I felt when I finished this book, it was almost 2 months until this book would publish and likely 12-14 before the third book in the trilogy would be released. But that being said this was another great read in an excellent series. 

Considering this is the second published work by Mark Burley it is incredibly polished. It reads like the work of a much more veteran writer. While reading this book I could not help but think about some of the books I read in my youth, Spencer for Hire, Blackie Ryan Mysteries, and it has that feel of a well versed story teller at home with their craft. And even though this is written with more of a young adult audience in mind these books would be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys a good action mystery story.

In this volume we travel to:
And more.

We also get a glimpse of Eric's internal struggles again. As he tries to balance his quest to find his parents and lead the rag tag team that has assembled around him and his brother. In Chicago they encounter Angel who is the daughter of another missing scientist, and she joins the team, reluctantly and with more than a little friction. Combined with Angel and a book her father had access to the team heads in a new direction and the stakes get higher.

This novel gives us a greater understanding of John Williams, and the people under the mountain. We encounter another of that mysterious race and the surprises just keep coming. 

This was a great follow up novel, and leaves readers desperate for the third volume. A high adrenalin rush with lots of action. Well done Mark.

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