Saturday 15 September 2018

Body Swap - Sylvia McNicoll

Body Swap
Sylvia McNicoll
Dundurn Press
ISBN 9781459740907
eISBN 9781459740921
eISBN 9781459740914

To date I have read six books by Canadian author Sylvia McNicoll. The theme of this book has been done before, in numerous variations in movies. But this book is one of the best variations on that theme.

In this story fifteen-year-old Hallie is hit by eighty-two-year-old Susan's SUV. They both go to the gates of heaven. But heaven looks and smells like a carnival. And they wake up in line for the ride. The god like figure, the coaster operator gives them the option of a second chance, but to do so they must go back in swapped bodies. Picture Morgan Freeman in Evan Almighty, at least the personality and interaction, his name is Eli. And this begins our adventure.

Hallie is not handling her wrinkled skin and achy joints. And Susan needs to deal with a forehead zit and a crush on a guy who's a player. Hallie faces a life in a long-term care residence and giving up the vehicle. Susan is accused of shoplifting. Susan and Hallie need to find a way to work together. They need to live each others lives, and they need to prove Susan innocent of the crash. Oh, and by the way they are on the clock, they only have a set number of days is all they have. Susan needs to let go of some of her anger and frustration. Hallie needs to learn to appreciate and respect the wealth of knowledge the elderly.

The story is written in alternating chapters. And both our main characters are learning to find their voice. They are learning to find a way to be heard. And they are learning a lot about each other. There are times where this book will really pull at your heart strings.

This is another wonderfully written book by Sylvia McNicoll. I think it will challenge the thinking of tweens, teen, and even retirees. It is very well written and a great new spin on an old type of story. McNicoll executes masterfully in telling this story.

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