Saturday 8 September 2018

Medallion of Murder - B.R. Myers - The Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series #3

Medallion of Murder
The Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series #3
B.R. Myers
Blue Moon Publishers

This is the third novel in the Nefertari Hughes series, and it is not the last. It was an interesting read but in some ways the Illuminati trope is becoming a little cliché. Maybe it is the style in this series, or maybe it is the genre in general, but a fair amount of this book was predictable. I have really been enjoying the series, and yet this third book is my least favorite. At the end of this volume is a sneak peak at book 4, Relic of Revenge. I received advance reading copies of both books one and two before either hit stores. The premise is great, and the characters are wonderful. But this book just did not pull it off the way the other two did. 

This book takes placed shortly after book two. The description of the book is:

"Still struggling with nightmares from the past summer, Terry tries to bury her secret guilt and enjoy her family's first Christmas in Devonshire. But when a murdered man is found with a postcard addressed to her, Terry fears the repercussions from that fateful night in Egypt are becoming a reality.

After she receives a coded message from Awad, Terry and her best friend Maude are thrown into the hunt for a lost medallion, an artifact that possesses a great power-and a gruesome destiny. As each clue leads to more disturbing truths (and bodies), Terry begins to suspect she's the real target of the search. When Awad goes missing, she becomes certain the Illuminati are involved, and has no choice but to risk losing the thing she cherishes the most to get him back. 

But Terry will soon discover the secrets of the tomb cannot be erased by distance or power, because the ghosts of her past are closing in quickly… and this time, they refuse to stay buried."

This Terry is still having nightmares from her trip to Egypt. And soon she starts seeing things. A dark shadowy figure seems to be staying one step ahead of her. Can she piece together the clues? Can she figure out the puzzle? Will she trust the right people? 

The story takes place at a break neck pace. The events unravel over the period of several days. This time the story takes place almost completely in Devonshire, the town Terry and her father moved to prior to book one. She has her friends, her boyfriend and Awad. But not everyone is what they appear and things go sideways very quick.

This book really requires you to have read the previous volumes. The story jumps in and gets going right away. There is very little back story and a lot of alluding to previous events. I really waffled on what rating to give this book. I finally decided on 4 stars rather than 3 because I love the series as a whole so much. If you have not read the other books, do not start here. If you have, you will be excited to see what happens next. I good read in a great series.

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