Tuesday 5 April 2016

The Power of the Fire Dragon - Tracey West and Graham Howells - Dragon Masters #4

The Power of the Fire Dragon
Dragon Masters #4
Tracey West (Author)
Graham Howells (Illustrator)

You know a series of books is good when the kids ask almost every day when the next one is coming out. That is what has happened to us and this series. After finishing this 4th book in the Dragon Masters series, every day for 2 weeks now they are asking and we have about three weeks to go. But back to this volume. As mentioned this is the 4 book in a series. The Dragon Masters are young children who the dragon stone indicates will be able to establish a connection with a dragon. 

King Roland appears while the children and their Dragons are training. He has plans to King Roland wants to take his Dragons and show them to Queen Rose of the Kingdom of Arkwood. But during the demonstrations things go awry. The king gets mad and decides that Drake and Worm, and Rori and Vulcan must stay behind. The wizard Griffith will need to travel so his friend Diego will come stay with those left behind. Soon the castle is under attack, Maldred and he has his own dragon who has 4 heads. A battle ensues and Drake and Rori are desperate for back up. But to find out what happens you will need to read the book. 

Again the illustrations by Graham Howells are awesome. My three children ages 5-9 love going over them again and again to see the details. Every page has embellishments to enhance the look and feel of the book. Wonderful illustrations and a great story combine for a winning combination.

This is a great little series. From my youngest to my oldest who can read them to us the whole family enjoys these books. We cannot wait for the 5th book to come out and desperately hope there will be more after that. The characters are fun to watch as they grow into a team and learn to work together and with their dragons. The dragons have surprises that always add for interesting twists. And the kids just love them. What more could you want. These are books that after we finished them the kids asked to read them again, which now that we are on chapter books does not happen as often. That is the best praise we can give them. These are great books for kids and those who read with and to them! 

Dragon Master Books:
1. Rise of the Earth Dragon
2. Saving the Sun Dragon
3. Secret of the Water Dragon
4. Power of the Fire Dragon
5. Song of the Poison Dragon

6. Flight of the Moon Dragon
7. Search for the Lightning Dragon

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