Wednesday 6 April 2016

Saint Augustine in 50 Pages - Taylor R. Marshall - The Layman's Quick Guide to Augustinianism

Saint Augustine in 50 Pages: 
The Layman's Quick Guide to Augustinianism
Taylor R. Marshall
Saint John Press

ISBN 9780988442535

This is the second volume by Taylor R. Marshall that I have read. I have also since attended two of his live webinars. I can highly recommend this book. Taylor really knows how to pack a lot of information into 50 pages. This book follows his immensely popular Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages: The Layman's Quick Guide to Thomism. Even though almost 900 years separated the two authors these in 50 pages books links them, their works and give good reasons for us to be studying them and going deeper. Marshall writes in a very engaging and easy to read style. To be honest I hit the end of the book and was surprised even knowing it was a short volume when I began. He presents the material in such a way that it does not seem like many academic writers, and as such is quickly becoming a favourite writer of mine. 

The chapters in this book are:
Who was Saint Augustine?
Augustine's Contributions
Augustine's Legacy
List of Books on Augustine for Beginners
The Writings of Augustine

Taylor states of Augustine that: "Augustine was great at writing and disputation. He kept the quill in his hand. His books and sermons reveal a man gifted for infusing heartfelt passion into theology so as to make it practical." And to be honest that is what Taylor himself is doing. This book can be a reminder for those of us who finished formal studies years ago, for the younger reader as a primer for a high school or first year university course. Or for anyone who wants to dip their toes in the pool of knowledge but be warned once you get the toes wet especially with an author like Taylor you will likely dive in.

This was a wonderful little read. And I do plan on going on and very soon reading more from Taylor R. Marshall. I can recommend this book and believe that it will spark a hunger and thirst for more knowledge. Give it a go you have nothing to lose and maybe a whole lot to gain. Well done Mr. Marshall well done.

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