Thursday 19 November 2020

Mr Grimhurst's Treasure And Other Ghost Stories - Jon Mayhew - Mortlock

Mr Grimhurst's Treasure And Other Ghost Stories
Obolus Books

I picked this up after reading some of Jon’s adult crime fiction published under the name J.E. Mayhew. This and some of the other stories marketed for  Young Adult and younger readers published as Jon Mayhew were intriguing. This is a collection of short stories that ties to one of Mayhew’s trilogies, the Mortlock series. The description of this collection is:

“If a dead man asked you to carry out one final favour for him, would you? How would you stop a demon from causing trouble in your local pub? Is it always clear who is the ghost and who isn't?

Five chilling, companion short stories to the popular Mortlock series, featuring characters from Mortlock, The Demon Collector and The Bonehill Curse. Careful! They'll keep you awake at night!”

And the stories are:

Mr Grimhurst’s Treasure
The Maiden Aunt
Jacob Carr and the Devil
Ashes to Ashes
Return to the Erato

Often when I read a collection of stories one stands out as the best, and sometimes one the least enjoyed. Neither of those happened this time. All 5 stories are excellent stories and display a keen writing craft. I picked this up and read it the week before Halloween, and they were great reads over a large mug of tea on a cold and rainy Saturday night. Each of the tales was entertaining. And 2 took me completely by surprise. I loved Return to the Erato. And even though I figured out The Maiden Aunt, it is an excellent piece.

This collection is five very well written tales. They have inspired me to pick up the first book in the trilogy that they are from. They were great fun to read and I highly recommend the collection.

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