Tuesday 3 November 2020

Keeping Up - David Clinton - Backgrounders to All the Big Technology Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore

Keeping Up: 
Backgrounders to All the Big Technology Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore
David Clinton
ISBN 9798683548391

I have been a fan of David’s writings and online courses since I first encountered them a few years ago. And thought I have not read everything he has written, what I have has been of benefit. And to be honest this one might have the widest readership yet. This is a book I am already recommending to managers, directors and CIO’s that are friends and colleagues. It is an excellent volume and great resource. The sections in the book are:

About the Author
Understanding Digital Security
Understanding Digital Privacy
Understanding the Cloud
Understanding Digital Connectivity
Understanding the Business of Technology Research
Where Hot Trends Go to Die

Compute Platforms
Security and Privacy
Managing Data Storage
Working With Data

There are two sections multiple chapters and each chapter has several key sections. This is a book anyone in the IT field would benefit from reading. And It would also be of interest to anyone who uses technology these days. The first words in the first chapter are:

“Whatever your connection to technology, security should play a prominent role in the way you think and act.”

And further on he quotes an unnamed source:

“Select any two of privacy, security, and convenience. But you can’t have all three.”

No matter who you are it is likely you use technology in some way shape or form today. This book gives some broad strokes of what you should be considering and what you give away. I am constantly telling my kids there are no free apps, you agree to give them access to you and your data when you use them. This book highlights that and the need most of us have to use more caution. 

The book is well written and engaging. It is easily accessible. It looks at the technology industry but much that is in this book is of value to even the home user. Considerations about the IOT Internet of things, connected home devices, devices listening and recording. Technology is great and has many benefits but can also be used for not so great things. This volume helps you surf the trends that are emerging and mainstream. And consider the pros and cons of each.

As stated, an excellent value for those working in the industry. But also, for someone looking to expand their base knowledge. I highly recommend this volume. 

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