Monday 2 November 2020

The Extraordinary Form of the Mass in Latin & English - Catholic Truth Society - CTS Prayers and Devotions

The Extraordinary Form of the Mass in Latin & English: 
The Order of Mass in Latin and English 
Prayers and Devotions
Catholic Truth Society
ISBN 9781860825668
CTS Booklet D702

Over the last few years, I have read over 150 volumes from the CTS. I have read books from many series. And many authors. Lately I have read several books that are part of the CTS Devotions and Prayer Series. I have read many in the CTS Biographies and also Saints of the Isles Series, and the Great Saints Series. I picked up this volume, what I discovered while preparing my review of The Order of Mass in Latin and English. And I wanted to have it on hand and to be able to give it a read. The description of the booklet is:

“In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI issued his Summorum Pontificum, which specified that Latin-Rite priests could celebrate the traditional or ‘extraordinary’ form of the Roman Rite in response to pastoral need. In response to that, CTS now publishes this affordable and attractive edition of The Order of Mass (1962 Missal) with Latin and English on facing pages.

Highly practical, this edition features:
• Texts for Low and High Masses
• Newly commissioned English translation, accurately reflecting the original Latin text
• Full table of the traditional yearly cycle of readings
• Public and Private prayers for reciting after Mass (1962).”

And the chapters on facing pages in Latin on the left and English on the right are:

The Asperges
The Mass
      Mass of Catechumens
      Mass of the Faithful
      Canon of the Mass
      Prayers after Mass, said Publicly
      Private Thanksgiving after Communion
Sunday Scripture Readings (1962 Lectionary)

I was born after Vatican II. I have never attended a Latin Mass, either of the Ordinary or Extraordinary Form. But during the covid 19 lockdown of 2020, I have listened and watched a few Latin Masses by priests I know and follow. And after reading this will try and catch an Extraordinary Form either in person or online. This little volume will be a wonderful to for following along and learning. 

This book is well put together and very reasonably priced. As can be seen from the few sample pages. It is an excellent little volume and though I pass on most of the CTS booklets I read this one will be staying in my collection. A great resource. Along with the companion volume mentioned above. A great resource. 

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