Wednesday 17 June 2020

Shadow Stalker - T.M. Gaouette

Shadow Stalker
T.M. Gaouette
ISBN 9788650876519

I believe I have read all of the books by T.M. Gaouette, and even all her published works. I have enjoyed all of her works. From her first novel I read years ago, The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch, and For Eden's Sake to Freeing Tanner Rose, the first in the Faith and Kung Fu series. I have also enjoyed her contributions in both the Catholic Teen Books anthologies; Gifts: Visible & Invisible and Secrets Visible & Invisible. But this story, this novella is very different than anything else she has written. It is darker, grittier, and explores the darkness in the world and in human souls in a very different way. It is an intense moving read. 

My first reaction upon finishing this story was that it is a powerful piece of fiction. It is very well written and moving. As someone who was abused when young it is very moving. And I doubt many could read it and not be impacted. But the story is also convicting. I believe this story will have a huge impact on readers of all ages and both sexes. 

Three brothers walk into a diner; priest, a cop and a reporter walk into the diner part way through the night where the world went mad. This is in part the story of those three brothers:
Eli the investigate reporter
Alex the cop 
Nicholas the priest.
Now that might sound like the beginning of a joke. But the story and the message within are no joking matter. But Eli is the focal point of the story. 

That morning started like any other, and then the whole world went mad. Or at least a large portion of it. People were waking up possessed, or at least it seamed that way. These suffering souls were crying out, self injuring, and even trying to kill themselves or be killed. They were in torment. And it seemed no one could figure out why or how. Elijah things this is more than just a news story and huge scoop, he needs to figure out what is happening, he also is desperate to prevent it happening to himself.

Each of the three brothers have different pieces of the puzzle. But can they share and figure it out. Can the priest safeguard the sanctity of the confessional? Can Eli pull the snatches of conversations overheard, and pieces glimpsed together? 

The story is dark, and grim. If you have ever been close to someone struggling with mental illness it might remind you of those experiences. But the story also has hope. 

This story is an excellent read. Great for mature teens, young adults and us older readers. It is Gaouette’s first foray into adult literature and it is an excellent offering. A great read and addition to the many Young Adult works she was written and contributed to.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2020 Catholic Reading Plan!

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