Friday 26 June 2020

The Beautiful Story of Mary - Maite Roche - CTS Children's Books

The Beautiful Story of Mary
Maïte Roche (Author and Illustrator)
Helena Scott (Translator)
CTS Children’s Books
Catholic Truth Society
ISBN 9781860827624
CTS Booklet CH37

Over the last few years I have read and reviewed over 150 books from the Catholic Truth Society. But only a few of them have been from the CTS Children’s Books line, but after reading this one with my youngest two that is going to change. This was an amazing little read. My youngest has read it to me twice now, and the second time she read it to her older brother as well. She loves the book and has been carrying it around the house with her. I think she has read it 4 or 5 times already.

The description of this volume is:

“Maïte Roche brings to life Mary, the mother of Our Lord, from her childhood, through the Annunciation, her marriage to St Joseph, the Nativity, Jesus’ childhood and his ministry, to her suffering at the foot of the cross, and her joy in the Resurrection and at Pentecost. A delightful gift for any child.”

This is the first volume we have read written and illustrated by Maïte Roche, but it will not be the last. Many of her books appear to have been written in French and then translated into English. The back of this volume states it is good to read to children aged 4 and up, and that children 7 and up should be able to read it independently. The back of the book states:

“The life of the Virgin Mary beautifully retold for children by Maïte Roche, using all her talent and experience. An ideal book to help children get to know the Mother of God.”

This story was translated by Helena Scott. The CTS edition was released in 2011 and the original French was published in 2010. And it is a wonderful volume. Our whole family has loved it.

The book follows Mary from her childhood through to Pentecost. The illustrations are beautiful. And my children recognized that much of the text is taken from the bible. Every two page spread tells of an event in the life of Mary. The colors are bright and vibrant. And the style engaging. It is a book easy to read again and again. And while examining the artwork to pick out new things or details.

A fantastic book for young people in your life. Well enough done that as a parent you will be able to read it again and again and not grow tired of it. An excellent book, and one that has spurred us on in tracking down more books from the Catholic Truth Society that are for children.

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