Thursday 14 May 2020

Ivy and Bean Break the Fossil Record - Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall - Ivy and Bean Book 3

Ivy and Bean Break the Fossil Record
Ivy & Bean Book 3
Annie Barrows
Sophie Blackall (Illustrator)

Chronicle Books
ISBN 9780811856836
eISBN 9780811876537

The first two Ivy and Beans books I had mixed feelings about. This one I really enjoyed. Both my girls love these books. This one was read in the fall of 2016 with my oldest, and in the spring of 2020 my youngest read it to me. I remembered less about this volume than the previous two. This is a really good story. And I was especially impressed with the role of Bean’s dad in supporting and encouraging the girls. When I read this with my oldest, she was a very reluctant reader and we alternated pages, and if ever there was a shorter page she wanted to swap for it. With my youngest even though she struggled occasionally, mostly with names, but she read the entire text to me. Usually a chapter or 2 a day to get her 20 minutes reading time in. My oldest rated it 4/5, I rated it 4/5 both times, and my youngest rated it 4/5. It is the first time we all rated one of these books the same.

As mentioned, I have had some reservations about the series. But this volume has not talk of witchcraft, no spells, no ghosts. And in this volume Ivy and Bean have great support and encouragement from Bean’s father. Bean seems to have a hard time sitting still in class, especially during drop everything and read time. So the teacher brings in a book for her, A Book Of World Records. She is fascinated with it, and at recess the whole class becomes fascinated. Many of the students want to break a record. Bean comes up with a few different options, and yet soon realizes that breaking world records. But she gets the idea to become the worlds youngest paleontologist. And her and Ivy begin digging in her back yard. They find some bones and announce at school that they have found a dinosaur. Soon a lot of students in their class, and other classes are coming over to see the bones. But it is not as they seem. And Bean’s dad helps them out of a sticky situation.

When I first read these my oldest lost interested after 4 books and moved on to the Stella Batts books. That is not happening with my youngest. She already has plans to finish the whole series. Any book that keeps them reading and developing their skills is one I will read with them for now. But we always talk about the content of these books, and that the behavior modeled is not to be copied. This time we talked about the great friendship. Sticking with each other. And Bean’s dad helping them out. 

The books in this series are great leveled readers. Both my girls read it in grade 4. At grade 4 if reading at grade level this book should be an easy read. If they are a little behind grade level, they will need some help. But both girls love the book and the story. I have a feeling based on my youngest that I will be reading the whole series soon. And maybe even rereading it. The best in the series so far.

Note: My youngest read the paperback to me, and I followed along on my phone. The pictures are much larger and integrated into the text in the print edition.

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