Saturday 11 January 2020

Good Night, Jesus - Matthew Kelly and Josh Nash

Good Night, Jesus
Matthew Kelly
Josh Nash (Illustrator)
Wellspring Publishing
Beacon Publishing for
Dynamic Catholic
ISBN 9781929266869

My children and I have read Why Am I Here?, by Matthew Kelly countless times. They will often ask to read it, we have lent it to our school, and purchased a copy for the teachers resource section. And this is a book we have wanted to read for years. The day it arrived, as soon as they were home from school my children wanted to read it. First my youngest read it to me, and then later my middle child read it to me. And we have decided to give it to friends who are expecting their first child.

This is a wonderful little board book on prayer. And specifically on ending the day in prayer. There are 16 pages. Some are prayer, some are prayer prompts , and some are suggestions of things to pray for. Both children loved the … where they could fill in their own prayers.

The illustrations in this volume are wonderful. Both children though well beyond board books loved this volume and especially the illustrations. A softer pastel pallet is used, but there is also great details in the art work.

It is an excellent early prayer book for children. If we had this when our three were younger it would have been read hundreds of not thousands of times by now. This is a wonderful little volume. That is a book we will want to keep copies of on hand to be able to give away when young children visit and for friends who have new children.

Another amazing read from Matthew Kelly.

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