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Companion to the Angels - J.B. Midgley - CTS Companions Series

Companion to the Angels 
A little Handbook on the Truth about Angels 
CTS Companions Series
J.B. Midgley
Catholic Truth Society
ISBN 9781860820816
eISBN 9781784693459
CTS Booklet DO661

This is fourth volume by J.B. Midgely that I have read and the second in the companions series. I have read nearly a hundred books from The Catholic Truth Society over the last few years. Some have been incredible reads, some have been excellent, and all have been good reads. And lately I have become fascinated with the works of Midgley. I have a friend who calls me a ‘completionist’ in that when I find an author I really like I try to read everything they have written. That is now the case with Midgely, I believe he has published 28 books, and 26 of them are with the Catholic Truth Society. Most of those books are either in the ‘Great Saints Series’ or like this one the ‘Companions Series’. This book was originally published in 2000 and the eBook edition released in 2017. An I can safely state that this particular volume is another excellent read.

The chapters in the volume are:
The Angels
The Celestial Hierarchy
The Fall of the Angels
Saints Michael, Gabriel, Raphael
The Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels
Angels in the New Age

But even before the table of contents there are two quotes that set the tone for the volume:

“We believe in One God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Creator of things visible,
such as the world in which our brief life
runs its course, and of things invisible,
such as the pure spirits which are called angels.”
     -Profession of Faith, 
     -Pope Paul VI, 1968

“Angel sent by God to guide me,
Be my light and walk beside me;
Be my guardian and protect me;
On the paths of life direct me.”
     -Prayer to our Guardian Angel

The introduction of this volume states:

“This booklet invites us to consider again the Angels - those who share our dwelling in time and space and whose existence is entwined with our own. It would be a pity if Angels were remembered only when Christmas carols were sung, cards written or shining examples fixed to the tops of conifer trees. In acknowledging the angels, we join in their adoration of our Creator and thank Him for their creation and ours. Awareness of the guardian angels is a special comfort for which to be grateful. This companion considers the nature and activity of angels, how some, led by Satan, disobeyed God and the effects this fall from grace had upon our own history of salvation. The inspiration is the Church’s belief and teaching, her protection against misunderstandings about the world of the spirit, and her Feasts and Liturgy by which she guides devotion to illuminate doctrine and support the prayerful habits of Faith which keep it vibrant.”

And Midgley does an excellent job of present solid teaching on the Angels from history, from church documents, and from the bible. In the first chapter The Angels the sections are:

What the Church Believes
Angels in the Bible
Angels and the Prophets
Visits by Angels
Angels as Sons of God
Angels in the New Testament
The angels and Jesus Christ
Christ speaks to us about His angels

Considering the size of this volume Midgley goes into detail. The writing is tight, clean and crisp. Of special importance is the last chapter ‘Angels in the New Age’, I would have loved to have had this book 30 years ago to have shared with my grand mother, for this chapter alone.

This is an excellent volume. If the rest by Midgley and even others in the series are as good, I will need to read them all. Share them with my children and encourage others to read this book and the whole series. Another great read from the pen of J.B. Midgley and from the Catholic Truth Society.

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