Tuesday 21 January 2020

Managing Successful Projects with Prince2 - AXELOS

Managing Successful Projects with Prince2
The Stationery Office Ltd
ISBN 978113315338
eISBN 9780113315352

I have been managing projects for a number of years now at work. And When I compared Project management institute PMI, and Prince2 I really felt that prince 2 better suited my style and the type of projects that I have run. I registered for a Prince2 course and was asked by my manager to get a book and do some extra preparation before the course. I picked up this book. Both the eBook edition and the physical print versions. I am normally an eBook kind of guy. But I have found out that the Practitioner Exam is open book and the only resource you are allowed is this physical book.

This book will teach you the Prince2 Methodology from top to bottom. I have read the eBook, and just finished a course where we used the physical book and a student guide and exercise guide. The instructor showed us a picture of his book with about 30 sticky note tabs sticking out from the top and one side, that he used the last time he wrote the exam. The book will prepare you for both the Foundations and Practitioner and exams. But it is also a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about this excellent Project Management Methodology. The book is full color and the sections are color coded with color tabs on the eds of the pages. The pages are thick stock. And glossy. The production of the book is of the highest quality. It is a beautiful book and excellent resource. I like the eBook because of quick search capabilities. But if you are taking it into the exam you need to have the physical copy. If you are preparing for the exams make sure you get the correct edition of the book. Currently the 2017 Edition.

This book is intended for anyone who is planning on taking the exams. Anyone looking to grow their knowledge of the method. But it could be a great resource for anyone who works on projects to help really understand the process and principals that drive Prince2. I recommend this for anyone who plays a major role in projects on a regular basis.

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