Tuesday 14 January 2020

Target Seventeen Must Die - M.L. Clark

Target Seventeen Must Die
M.L. Clark
ISBN 9781546870289
ASIN B072593571


I picked this up because Goodreads had a linked to a different M.L. Clark. I soon realized this was not the author I know and have read several books and stories form. But I also realized this was an excellent story. This story was very hard to put down. This book took me back to high school and discovering authors like Heinlein, Burrows, Clark, Brust and others.

This story begins with a time travelling assassin trying to take out Robert A. Heinlein. And this is not his first hit. He has been knocking off people to make a better future. But unlike theories of taking out key historical figures, he has been taking out authors, professors and thinkers. He is trying to save a devastated future.

But when he arrives back in a very different timeline than he had come from, it is better than anything he could have hoped for. And soon he finds himself fighting along site monks, priests and security personal to save the station from other futurists. Station Lemaitre, is more than his best dreams. But he also sees that the isolation of some of the stations, especially some of the other stations are susceptible to issues. So, his solution is to bring a writer from the past through to rock the boat in a good way this time.

Jeremiah Gale, may have started with a mission to kill. But soon he is playing a key role, to save lives and save the future he has fallen into. The story pays homage to many authors and types of stories. The characters are wonderful, the story fast paced, and the action non-stop.

It is a great first novel, and I look forward to reading future offerings from the pen of this, M.L. Clark. Though to be honest I would love to read more stories that included Father Ricardo, Jeremiah Gale, or Byars.

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