Friday 16 August 2019

Worth Dying For - Lee Child - Jack Reacher Book 15

Worth Dying For
Jack Reacher Book 15
Lee Child
Penguin Random House Canada
ISBN 9780345541604
eISBN 9780440339342

This is my 24th review of a Jack Reacher story by Lee Child in 22 weeks. It all started by chance with what was then the most current story. And I have been hooked since then. I have been trying to pace myself and working hard at sticking to just one a week. This is the 17th novel I have read, I have also read Jack Reacher's Rules, the No Middle Name, short stories collection and all of the other crossover and standalone short stories I could find. I admit I prefer the UK covers to the North American, I like the silhouette of Reacher on the side of the road, in the subway, with a skyline backdrop seem to fit better for me. But I keep reviewing the Reacher stories because honestly you could start with any of them. I started with the 23rd published and have been jumping around since I read that first one. I was hooked. 

This is one of the few stories where Reacher does not end up in bed with someone. But that is made up for by some extra violence. Reacher leaves several young men permanently disabled, and several more dead. And some of those deaths were not even by Reacher’s own hands. I will be honest; I did not figure out the twist in this one. Had not even guessed at it. But once Reacher figured it out, he was on a mission to write a wrong from 25 years ago. And the Duncan clan that runs this small corner of the state of Nebraska have never encountered anything like Reacher, nor have the three organizations up the food chain that get involved.  

This story follows almost immediately after 61 Hours, and before A Wanted Man. Having already read both of those books, his one fits in between like the last piece in a puzzle. In some ways it is hard to compare the Reacher stories with each other. You need to look at the amount of sex, the amount and type of violence, the reason of Reacher’s actions, and occasionally what happens to Reacher. In this one a couple of things happen that are a surprise. One was a little breaking of pride Reacher had in himself and his skills. And leads to the end of the story with him using duct tape as a splint for his nose. The second is another rarity in that Reacher is captured. But in order to find out more about both of those things you will need to read this story. 

It is not my favorite Reacher novel. It is also by far not my least favorite. It is well written. And Solving a 25 year old puzzle helps Reacher justify some of his actions, and provides closure for a whole community.

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