Tuesday 13 August 2019

No Survivors - Jack Heath - Liars Book 2

No Survivors
Liars Book 2
ISBN 9781742761930
eISBN 9781760272777

This is the fourth book by Jack Heath that I have read, and the second in the Liars series. It is an excellent continuation of The Truth App. I am really enjoying the series and looking forward to where this series is going. This book is written for teens or a Young Adult audience, but I believe any fans of a good mystery or thriller will love this book and series. In some ways reading this was like watching an action movie. Once again once I started, I could not stop. And I devoured most of the novel in a single sitting. This is an incredible installment in what is shaping up to be an amazing series!  

The first four books have been published in Australia and the 5th has been delivered to the publisher by the author. Fortunately, all of the published volumes appear to be available electronically world wife. But for those who prefer a physical book, book 1 is not due out until January 2020 in North America and I cannot find any date for this or subsequent volumes. I am very thankful for this because many Australian authors I discover, it is hard to get all of their books in North America. So, I recommend you give this series a try for you will be in for an action pack fast paced read.

This second volume picks up shortly after the first. And we find out a little bit more about Kelton, about Jarli, Anya, and Doug. Kelton seems to hide a lot of secrets for a small town in Australia. In this volume a plane crashes in Kelton destroying a house, but when Jarli rushes into the wreckage, there appears to be no one on board. He is again interrogated by the police. And soon he finds that he cannot trust anyone even the police. And Jarli lies to his parents to help Anya and soon finds himself back in the thick of things with the criminal mastermind Viper. 

The action in this book is almost nonstop. From the plane crashing to the surprise ending the story races from the get-go. The writing is very tight. The plot is intense. And We learn a little more about Viper, Jarli and his friends. And the book leaves you desperate for the third installment. 

Another great read in an excellent series!  

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