Friday 9 August 2019

The Hard Way - Lee Child - Jack Reacher Book 10

The Hard Way
Jack Reacher Book 10
Lee Child
Penguin Random House Canada
ISBN 9780857500137
eISBN 9780440336051

Someone asked my why I keep reviewing Reacher stories. I have reviewed 22 of them in 20 weeks. And this was the 23rd work by Lee Child in the Jack Reacher universe I have read in about 20 weeks. I have been pacing myself and trying to stick to just one a week. This is the 16th novel I have read, I have also read Jack Reacher's Rules, the No Middle Name, short stories collection and all of the other crossover and standalone short stories I could find. I freely admit I really prefer the UK cover to the North American, I like the silhouette of Reacher on the side of the road, in the subway, with a skyline backdrop seem to fit better for me. But I keep reviewing the Reacher stories because honestly you could start with any of them. I started with the 23rd published and have been jumping around since I read that first one. I was hooked. 

This Reacher novel was in many ways different than most of the ones I have read! Even after 23 stories their is a lot to find out about Reacher and how he does things. What I loved about this one, was that Reacher could tell something was off, for a long time. But he could not put his finger on it. So part of the story is his struggling along trying to find the missing piece. And not having the resources he formerly had, it needs to be done the hard way. With going over the details, and some gumshoe work. 

In this one Reacher witnesses something. And soon a former SAS guy wants to talk him to his boss for a personal report. Reacher is offered a significant hunk of coin to find a kidnapped wife and child. And soon that offer quadruples. But something just does feel right to Reacher, but he keeps pushing forward because of the woman and her daughter. Edward Lane is former military and he runs what he markets as an elite group of soldiers for hire. They have been all over the world. And the list of possible enemies is long and scary.

But Reacher wants to get the woman and her child back safely. And if that is not possible, then he will make them pay. Once he finally figures out what has been nagging at the back of his brain, it might be too late to prevent disaster.

But to find out what that is you will need to read this Reacher novel. 

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