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God Speaks, We Listen: Revelation, Faith, and Prayer - Jeff Vehige - Find the Faith Book 2

God Speaks, We Listen: Revelation, Faith, and Prayer
Find the Faith Book 2
Jeff Vehige

ISBN 9781723874192

This is the second book in a series with four announced to date. It is an excellent read and wonderful resource. The book and the series are well worth the read. It is excellent for personal study, as a resource for an RCIA Program, for group study. Or even as an academic text for high school or undergraduate work. After finishing this second column I am very excited to see where the series will go in the next two volumes that have been revealed. This book begins with a quote from Pope Saint John Paul II:

“Revelation comes before faith. Faith is conditioned by revelation. It is man’s response to divine revelation.”

This book will help you understand the concept of God’s revelation, and will strengthen our faith. The chapters in this volume are:

Preface to the “Find the Faith” Series 
Introduction to “God Speaks, We Listen” 
1. Our Thirst for God 
2. What Is Revelation? 
3. The Stages of Revelation 
4. The Transmission Of Revelation 
5. We Listen 
6. Prayer 
About the Author Find The Faith Books 
Find the Faith Podcast

The book, and the series follow the question and answer format. And it contains 30 questions that are addressed. Jeff shares with us in the into to the series his attempts to use a different formats. And also, why he returned to this one. He states the purpose of the series is to:

“But Find the Faith is more than a simple walk through Catholic teaching. I want to help you grasp something of the theological, philosophical, biblical, and historical background of Catholic doctrine and worship. I want to explore the relationship between doctrine and morality, and how both should penetrate our spiritual life.”

And he does an excellent job of delivering on that purpose. This is a book I wish I had when I was doing my Religious Studies Undergraduate with a specialization in Roman Catholic Thought. I could easily see this book being required reading, or recommended reading for several of the courses I took during my degree. I look forward to my children being a little older and rereading this volume with them as part of a family study. 

This was an excellent read. I will reiterate and state that I could easily see it being used in a High School class, for an RCIA program, for individual or group study, and even as an undergraduate text. It would be great to work through this book with a small group digging into it and using some of the many resources listed in the Bibliography to go deeper. I am very thankful I stumbled across this series, and thoroughly enjoyed this book. I look forward to future offerings in the series. This book is well worth the time and effort to work through it. It will help you grow in your faith.  Another great read from the pen of Jeff Vehige!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2018 Catholic Reading Plan!

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