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Roland West, Loner - Theresa Linden - The West Brothers Book 1

Roland West, Loner
The West Brothers Book 1
Theresa Linden
Linden Publishing
ISBN 9780996816847

eISBN 9781311704856

In the last month I have read 6 novels and published short stories by Theresa Linden, but this book was the one that started it. I have been greatly impressed by her writing. In a different review I compared Linden's writings to Madeleine L'Engle and Lois Lowry and the more of her writings I read the more I stand by that statement. If we were to do a side by side comparison between L'Engle's main series and Linden's then the Chasing Liberty Series would be the Kairos series and the West Brothers would be the Chronos series. And this book is a magnificent read. 

The West brothers are not exactly what you would call normal. First they live in a castle. Second they have travelled the world on digs before their mother passed away. They have had tutors, and keep horses. And until this year few people in town knew anything about them and their family. Roland hates public school and the only thing keeping him going is plans of going on a trip with his father. Bat his desires and plans are about to have a huge wrench thrown into them and the person throwing that wrench is the older of his older twin brothers Jarret.  But sometimes great things come from adversity. 

This time the adversity brings change. And though change is not always wanted, it is truly what Roland and to be honest both of his brothers, Jarret and Keefe. For out of this Roland will have his first real friends, Peter Brandt and Caitlyn Summer. But for someone who has never really had friends, making friends and learning to trust might prove to be a very hard thing to do. But when you combine all of that with a mysterious ancient box, a notebook in a different language and some relics and things are about to get real interesting. 

This book was an incredible read. Before I had even finished it I had picked up a few of Linden's other books to have in my pile of books to be read. The more of Linden's writings that I read the more I want to read.  This is an excellent book by an amazing author so check it out. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2017 Catholic Reading Plan!

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