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20 Answers Witchcraft & the Occult - Michelle Arnold - 20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers

20 Answers Witchcraft & the Occult
20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers

Michelle Arnold
Catholic Answers Press

ISBN 9781683570431
eISBN 9781683570455

This was a harder book to read, and to write a review of. Because of stuff in the part, because of family history this book cuts very close to the heart. This book is one of three that was added to the 20 Answers Series in the spring of 2017. The author who contributes to numerous Christian or Catholic websites has written a very grounded book, on a topic most will dispel with a wave of the hand. Though personally not an easy read, I consider this another important book that I believe all Christians could learn from. And yes I know this book will open a can of worms in many a life, family, parish or community. But the information in this book is too valuable to be ignored by Christians in this age. 

The 20 Questions answered in this volume are:
1. What is witchcraft?
2. Are Wicca and witchcraft different words for the same thing?
3. Are witches Satanists?
4. What does the Church say about witchcraft?
5. Did the Church burn witches during the Middle Ages?
6. Is Halloween really a holy day for witches?
7. In what kinds of practices do witches engage?
8. Is witchcraft dangerous?
9. What do I do if I have dabbled in witchcraft?
10. What can I do if my child or friend is experimenting with witchcraft?
11. What is the occult?
12. What do mediums do?
13. What does the Church say about divination?
14. Can Catholics use the Ouija board?
15. Is yoga a pathway to the occult?
16. What are the dangers of magical and occult content in popular culture?
17. Is there such a thing as ghosts?
18. Can I watch ghost hunter shows on TV, go to a haunted house, or take part in ghost hunts?
19. Should psychics be consulted to help solve crimes?
20. What do I do if I think I am a psychic?

The Introduction of this book states:
"Interest in witchcraft and occult practices is on the rise in our culture. Movies and TV shows feature witches, ghosts, vampires, and werewolves. Bookstores are filled not just with depictions of fantasy worlds in which these creatures exist, but also with how-to manuals for casting spells and discovering your inner goddess. There are groups on social media for practitioners of the occult and conventions around the country for devotees.But do you know what witches actually believe and how they practice it? Do you know what to do if your child professes an interest in witchcraft or starts to play with a Ouija board or tarot cards? Do you know what the Church teaches on witchcraft and the occult? Can you answer charges that the Church burned witches during the Middle Ages?This booklet introduces you to what witches believe and to some of their common practices. It also delves into related topics, such as yoga, the Ouija board, and the work of psychics.Witchcraft and occult activity have been around for hundreds of years-possibly thousands. When people live in uncertain times, they begin to worry that God does not hear their prayers, and so they seek other ways of gaining the knowledge they need to take control of their lives. Recourse to witchcraft and the occult is, primarily, a sign of despair of the goodness of God.In responding to the claims of witchcraft and the occult, it is important not to give in to fear, or to attribute to practitioners more power than they have. It is also important to remember that they are ordinary people leading ordinary lives, and, in many cases, that they hope to find in these practices the means to make the world a better place. It is our task, as Christians, to be ready with the information and assistance that can help them find a safe path to the peace and union with the Divine that they crave."
So many people today turn to other sources seeking power, well-being, health or an advantage in life. The premise of this book is that our job as Christians, as Catholics is to be able to understand the person, and be able to answer them and show them the way to God, and to a practice of faith that leads to life. This book presents a lot of hard facts, and any Christian who wants to bury their heads in the sand about the occult and witchcraft is failing those ensnared by these practices. This book highlights the fact that we should not fear the practices, but we should also not sensationalize them. It does a good job of walking that line.

This is one of the shorter books in the series coming in at an even 60 pages. But the author draw from 70 references in her answers to the 20 Questions. It is an important read. A good book in a great series.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2017 Catholic Reading Plan!

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