Friday 25 November 2016

Franklin's Bear- Chris d'Lacey and Thomas Taylor

Franklin's Bear
Chris d'Lacey
Thomas Taylor (Illustrator)
Red Bananas
Go Bananas
Crabtree Publishing Company
ISBN 9780778726968

I need to first state that being from North America we have had little exposure to the Go Bananas Books. If it wasn't for the fact that my son and I are trying to track down all of Chris d'Lacey's books to read and review we might never have come across them. I believe there are Blue, Yellow and Red Banana books. Blue Bananas are simple stories for early readers, Red Bananas are bridging books for building confidence, and Yellow Bananas are early chapter books for nearly fluent readers.  From what I have seen the Bananas books have spanned many publishers over time including Egmont, Mammoth, Crabtree, and Scholastic UK. These are wonderful books and it is thinks to being a fan of d'Lacey that our family has discovered them. 

My son now freaks out when there is a book sized package arrives in the mail. When this one arrived he freaked out because we had not read any Red Banana books yet!  And though we have read and loved a few of the yellow and blue banana books both my youngest two loved this story. They loved that Franklin does everything with his bear, they love that the bear is alive and reminded them of Paddington. They loved the illustrations by Thomas Taylor. And they loved the story. My son in particular especially loved the safety tips at the end and the experiments.

This is another great little book by Chris d'Lacey. It is an awesome little story. With excellent illustrations. And though we are getting towards the end of d'Lacey books to track down we will be expanding and bringing more Banana books into the house to read and then donate to the school library! (We have bought 2 copies of Dexter's Journey so we could keep one at home after we donated the first to the school library. That is how awesome these books are.)

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Author Profile and Interview with Chris d'Lacey.

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