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Alexander's Army - Chris d'Lacey - The Unicorne Files Book 2

Alexander's Army
Unicorne Files Book 2
UFiles #2
Chris d’Lacey
ISBN 9780545608800
eISBN 9780545608817

I have read over 20 books by Chris d'Lacey in the last 13 months. To say I am a fan would be an understatement, I have been working on tracking down all books he wrote and contributed to so I can have reviews of his whole canon. Almost three quarters of those are rated at 5/5 stars. And only 1 falls below 4 stars. The amazing diversity in d'Lacey's writing surprises me with each new book I read. And this book, the second in a trilogy is another amazing offering. This series, the Unicorne Files or UFiles trilogy is very different from anything else I have read by d'lacey. It is a little darker, and a little grittier, and more on the speculative fiction side. In some ways it reminds me of Frank Herbert's non-Dune books, like The Eyes of Heisenberg or The Green Brain. It has that feel of some classic science fiction like Herbert or Alfred Bester. But with the Young adult focus could have a wider audience. 

This book continues with themes of the multiverse, and Michael's ability to shift through realities by making changes. The theme of death as just another reality has some new and very dark twists. But this book has a much more sinister feel to it. Michael is up against an unknown enemy. An enemy who has abilities that are different than Michael's but they might be much more powerful. And Soon Michael and his foe are locked in a battle. 

Michael is still questing for answers to what happened to his father. Michael begins to have greater conflict with the Unirorne Corporation, to the point that his trust in them is at an all-time low. And the mystery of the crows and their link to Freya's spirit. Michael seems to be growing further and further from his Mother as he has so many secrets to keep, and to tory and not worry her. 

This book races forward. Once you start reading it you will just not want to put it down. And to be honest you better have volume three on hand because you will really want to know where things go next. 

This was another wonderful read from Chris d'Lacey. I highly recommend this book, the series and to be honest anything written by d'Lacey!

(Note: My apologies for the short review but I want to get reading the final book in the trilogy!) 

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