Saturday 19 November 2016

Attack of the Kraken - Kevin Sherry - The Yeti Files #3

Attack of the Kraken
The Yeti Files #3
Kevin Sherry
Samantha Smith

ISBN 9780545857819

My children love these books, especially the younger two. But by far my son is the biggest fan. And any book that my children want to read over and over again is a winner in my opinion. These books are not traditional readers, but they are not graphic novels either.  They do not fit normal categorization. 

When I asked my son to pick one word to describe this book his answer was 'AMAZING!" and you can not give much higher praise than that. My son's favourite part of the books was that the Kraken was misunderstood, that the Kraken was really just trying to protect its babies. In fact my son loves these books so much he bought book 2 and 3 himself so he could have copies even after we had read the eBooks. 

This book as the third adventure in the Yeti files, and this time Blitz and the gang head to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. The Cryptozoologist need to find a solution to the escalating conflict between the mermen mermaids and the Kraken, before the whole region is destroyed. This story has a lot of adventure and obstacles for Blitz and the team to overcome, giant crabs, man eating sharks, magic crystals. But the team is always up to going the extra mile to protect their friends and other cryptids.  

It is interesting to watch the battle between nature and growing and expanding technology in this book. The message is there even if children do not pick up on it right away. 

My son and I have read this book and the whole series through three times now. And has been a while since we read this the first time, but still end every time we pull one out to read my son asks when there will be more books. So here is to another great book in a really fun series. Well done Kevin! And hopefully there will be more Yeti Files soon.

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