Thursday 10 November 2016

Project Peep - Jenny Meyerhoff and Eva Chatelain - Friendship Garden Book 3

Project Peep
The Friendship Garden  Book 3
Jenny Meyerhoff
Eva Chatelain
Aladdin a division of
Simon and Schuster
ISBN 9781481439145

eISBN 9781481439152

It is interesting I have been trying to read with each of my three children every day. My oldest who is the most reluctant reader has really enjoyed this series. Currently when we read together we alternate pages, we read a little longer and she gets he required reading in for school and we get some quieter time together once the other children are in bed most nights. We have been reading this series in order and have greatly enjoyed each of the books.

One of the things we really like is that it is realistic fiction. Nothing really happens in these books that might not happen in real life. Not that there isn't space in our reading for other stuff, but it is one of the things we really appreciate about this book and this series. And this book like the others in the series has a lesson to teach. 

Anna really wants to give Kaya the best birthday present to cement that they are best friends. Since Anna has moved to Chicago she has wanted a best friend here. She has a plan but in order to work on it she starts keeping secrets, and soon kaya is very upset. Kaya thinks that Anna is ditching her and their friendship. Both of them learn valuable lessons, lessons about being honest, and about making assumptions. And as usual the story revolves around the community garden and the class plot at the friendship garden, But As the class has incubated chicks and raided them for a while now, Anna has a plan to keep them around because Kaya loves them so much. But plans do not always go the way we think or expect.

My daughter's three favourite things about the book are:
1. Anna learns that secrets, even if intended for good can cause harm
2. Kaya learns about making assumptions
3. The chicks are so cure who would not want to raise some

I really appreciate that the boom is entertaining and engaging enough that I have read it now with my oldest and my youngest and still find it enjoyable. They are fun reads and geared to the perfect level. And any book or series that keeps my daughter reading is a winner in my opinion.

Again we both really loved the illustrations by Éva Chatelain. These simple drawings really enhance the story. These stories are really well written and we already have more on our to be read list. 

Another great book in an excellent series! So pass on the word go ahead and say a peep! 

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