Thursday 20 October 2016

Flight of the Moon Dragon - Tracey West and Graham Howells - Dragon Masters #6

Flight of the Moon Dragon
Dragon Masters #6
Tracey West (Author)
Damien Jones (Illustrator)
ISBN 9780545913942


My youngest two children adore this series of books. In fact the last few we have bought on the day they come out. We have read this one together three times now. And every time we finish one there is a teaser for the next volume and we wait months for it to come out. This fifth installment in the series is another great read. The Dragon Masters books can be read separately but they do tell one continuous story so they are best read in order. 

In this adventure the dragon stones are seeming to fail. The children and their dragons head back to Egypt and with the help of Heru's parents they read the legend of the pyramid of the seven dragons. They must solve the riddle to find the pyramid and then all the puzzles to get to the master dragon stone. With each puzzle they solve one dragon master and one dragon must stay behind. They must complete the tasks in the right order or forever be trapped. That is a lot of responsibility for 6 young dragon masters and their dragons.

Damien Jones does some awesome illustrations. My children love going over the pictures again and again. There are pictures on most pages and embellishments on all the pages. The artwork really does take the story from good to great. They make the story come alive and spark the imagination.

This is a fantastic series and one of my children's favorite series currently. We have reread this book and all the others a number of times now. The whole family enjoys joining Drake and the other dragon masters on each new adventure. We eagerly wait for each new book to come out. From my youngest who is 5 to the oldest who is 10 this book is loved. This is a great book and a great series for young readers of those who read to and with them. They come highly recommended by the whole family!

Dragon Master Books:
1. Rise of the Earth Dragon
2. Saving the Sun Dragon
3. Secret of the Water Dragon
4. Power of the Fire Dragon
5. Song of the Poison Dragon

6. Flight of the Moon Dragon
7. Search for the Lightning Dragon

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