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Dark Wyng - Chris d'Lacey - Erth Dragons Book 2

Dark Wyng
Erth Dragons Book 2
Chris D'Lacey
Orchard Books

ISBN 9781408332504

In under a year I have read 16 books including this one by Chris d'Lacey. It is easy to say that currently he is one of my favourite all time children's and young adult authors. And this book was worth the wait. I find it hard to start series when I do not know how many books there will be or as they just are beginning; in part because the wait for the next volume can be so hard. And for someone in North America where this particular series is being released more than a year behind those in Europe makes it even harder to wait. But d'Lacey's writing is so addictive I had to start this series and am hooked.

In the previous book The Wearle, we find out about a second dragon colony come to Erth they have found out what happened to the previous colony but things are still amiss. Ren a young hom 'Human' boy can speak dragon tongue and is now with the two dragon children. A dark stranger has come into the remains of the Kaal village and is challenging the men and bewitching the women. There is unrest in the dragon colony and strange events stirring up both the dragons and the humans. And Ren is stuck in the middle with only a few dragons he can or does trust. 

This tale was a little stranger than the first volume in the series. And there is far more action. There are battles with dark forces, and what appears to be a dragon legend coming to life again. Ren must figure out the pieces if he would save is tribe and those dragons he cares for. He is stuck now not in the middle of just humans and dragons but also the beginnings of some fractions within the dragon kingdom. He certainly has had a lot of problems all stemming from a curious boy who wanted to know more about the dragons who had driven his people from their ancestral home. 

This book was very hard to put down. In fact I stayed up reading much, much later than I should have just to finish it. Book 1 on this series was the first book I finished in 2016, and ranked at the top of the 177 books I read in 2015. This book is an excellent follow up, that unfortunately leaves you wanting the next book, which likely will not be out for at least a year.

Another amazing book by Chris d'Lacey!

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