Wednesday 5 October 2016

A Little Taste of Poison - R.J. Anderson - Uncommon Magic Book 2

A Little Taste of Poison
Uncommon Magic Book 2
R.J. Anderson
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
A Division of Simon and Schuster
ISBN 9781481437745
eISBN 9781481437769

I recently had the privilege of attending a book launch in Waterloo region that had four local authors. I had already read and reviewed two of the books and had read other books by those authors. But this event was my introduction to R.J. Anderson and her wonderful writing. And even though this is book two in a series after hearing the author read the opening chapter I read this book through and have only now gone back to read book one. This book continues a few months after book one, but not having read it this story does have the strength to stand alone.

This is a very interesting read, it is a story about friendship, and standing up for what is right. Isaveth is still trying to get evidence on the man responsible for framing her father. She is doing so with that man's brother, Esmond, one of the few people who seem to recognize the true nature of their foe. Isaveth has been given a scholarship to learn Sagery at the academy. But she has a lot stacked against her, first she is a commoner, second she belongs to a religious minority the Moshites. And third her father was recently accused of murder and organizing unions. So even though being at the school is a wonderful opportunity, Isaveth soon finds out it is also full of prejudice and enemies both old and new. And no matter how good she does in her classes things keep getting worse and worse for her.

There is a lot of adventure in this book, for a 12 years old girl who is a little head strong and determined to do all she can for her family. And for the second son of the sage lord who seems to be in conflict with everyone but Isaveth.

In this book we have a world powered by magic, but there are two types of magic, common magic that is baked and can be used by almost anyone and sagery which works with charms and often only works for those who make it. This magic is used for heat, light, transportation and more. The book is written with a brisk pace of action. With a number of small side plots that eventually all come together. It some ways it reads like a magical Agatha Christie book.

And though this book was my introduction to R.J. Anderson's writings it will defiantly not be my last. It was an excellent little read and I look forward to reading Isaveth and Esmond's earlier adventure and also other books from Anderson.

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