Saturday 2 July 2016

2016 McEvoy Summer Reading Challenge

2016 McEvoy Summer Reading Challenge

In an effort to help my children keep up their reading skills and maybe improve a little I set up a summer reading challenge for the family.

The Rules

1. For each 10 days of reading you will earn 1 book of your choice. 
   (Around the $10 price range)

2. Abby needs to read to daddy or mommy for 20 minutes (or another Adult), or 40 minutes of shared reading.

3. If Abby read to Liam and or Zoey it can count towards her reading time.

4. Liam and Zoey need to read 1 age appropriate book per day or have longer books read to and/or with them.

5. Daddy need to spend an hour on personal reading a day to count towards his reading goal.

6. If we reach 50 days of reading each we will do something special together before school begins.

Looking forward to reading with all three kids almost every day! My reading will come mostly from this list
 A Year of Reading Intention - Catholic Reading!

(Update September 1st 2016. They made it all 3 kids read more than 60 of the 62 days of summer break. Now onto the 2016 McEvoy Fall Reading Challenge with some new rules and continuing the fun. Both Abby and Liam made great gains over the summer.)

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Steven R. McEvoy said...

My Aunt in Australia just upped the ante, if the kids hit their 50 days goal she will buy them an Australian book and send it to them in September!

Steven R. McEvoy said...

Month 1 down and all three kids read 27 of the 31 days. They each picked a new book at Chapters and got a box set from Costco and should earn their next one early this week.