Friday 22 July 2016

Monsters on the Run - Kevin Sherry - The Yeti Files #2

Monsters on the Run
The Yeti Files #2
Kevin Sherry
Samantha Smith

ISBN 9780545556194

I need to start off by stating that my son absolutely loves this book and the series. We have just finished reading this one for a second time and have read the first one at least a half dozen times. My son has been earning books as part of a summer reading challenge, for every 10 days he reads he gets to pick a book of his choosing. And he is counting down the days until he can get book 3. He is also frequently asking if there will be more books (Hint, hint Kevin and Scholastic). My son loves flipping through these books, often going back and forth looking at the illustrations, comparing what is happening with what happened. 

This book is less of a story, but also not a graphic novel. It is not a picture book in the strictest sense. It does have a tale, but at time not told in a linear fashion. Each page has text and some wonderful illustrations. In this instalment of the Yeti Files - Nessie the Loch Ness Monster is thinking of revealing herself because she is son lonely. So after she contacts Blizz the leader of the cryptids and leader of a crack team of cryptozoologists, that includes a little monster, a dog and many others set off to travel back in time 65 million years with the help of a leprechaun to try and find Nessie a friend. But the age of the dinosaurs can be a scary and dangerous place even for the cryptids and their crew. Shortly after arriving the team is separated and each group has their own adventure before meeting up. Can they all make it back home safe? Can they find a friend for Nessie? Read to find out.

This book and the series are great book to read. My son who is 8 and youngest daughter at 5 both love them. They will bring readers back again and again.

The Yeti Files:
Meet the Big Feet
Monsters on the Run
Attack of the Kraken

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