Monday 4 July 2016

Yeti Files: Meet the Bigfeet - Kevin Sherry and Samantha Smith

Yeti Files: Meet the Bigfeet
The Yeti Files #1
Kevin Sherry
Samantha Smith
ISBN 9780545556170

I have now read through this book twice with my son. And I must admit it grew on me. Often we let our children pick their own books, in part to keep them interested and in park just they joy they get in choosing what to buy and read next. It has been a long time since my son was as excited about a book, or series. He loved this books and keeps asking to have it read to and with him. I have read it twice, my wife has read it once and I think his aunt was conned into reading it also.

This book is less of a reading book than I would like, but it brings so much entertainment and engagement that I cannot but rave about it. Often we read electronically but this book is a great book to have the physical copy in hand. It has excellent illustrations, quick facts, and lots of short descriptions. But it does also have story. The story is that Brian a Canadian big foot was caught on film and has disappeared. But the clan is getting together for a family reunion and it will not be the same without Brian. So the Bigfeet go searching for Brian so they can have the whole family together. The story is told by Blizz a yeti and one of the cryptids a group of mythical animals and creatures who vowed not to be observed by the outside world. But unknown to the big feet their ultimate foe George Vanquist a self-proclaimed cryptozooligist is the one who caught Brian on film and he is on the prowl again.

This is a fun little book. As mentioned my son loved it. He really LOVES IT! It is a fun read, entertaining and engaging. We are looking forward to checking out other books in the series soon.

The Yeti Files:
Meet the Big Feet
Monsters on the Run
Attack of the Kraken

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