Tuesday 19 July 2016

Reach For The Stars, Ryan - Barb Chrysler and Igor Golovihin

Reach For The Stars, Ryan
Barb Chrysler
Philip McIvor (Illustrator)
Nanshe Publishing

ISBN 9780994804938

This was the second book by Barb Chrysler That I have read and the first illustrated by Igor Golovinhin. My children and I have read through this book a few times over the last week. My younger two love it. This is an interesting story for children. It is a story about perseverance, a story about encouragement and a story about parenting. 

In this book every time Ryan gets frustrated or discouraged his mother tickles him. And after the laughter his tries again and he is able to move forward. 

The issues he struggles with are:
Learning to print his name
Tie his shoes
Learn the alphabet
Ride his bicycle
Learn to skate
Adding numbers
Make friends

My kids got the message right away. If they keep trying they will be able to gain the skills. The book is particularly allocable as both my younger two are struggling with riding bikes, and this book has motivated them to keep trying. 

My children have mixed opinions about the illustrations, They are done in sort of a manga style. My daughter loves them my son does not like the huge eyes. But both of them loved the story. 

This is a great little book with a solid message. The message of working through issues with laughter, support and encouragement is one that we can all benefit from. As such all three of us give it a solid 4 stars!

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