Wednesday 4 February 2015

Product Review - Vitamin K2 - MK-7 Gold - NutriGold

Vitamin K2
MK-7 Gold

I was approached by Nutrigold and given a selection of products I could choose to review. Vitamin K2 was one I had been reading about for almost a year but had yet to give a try. I had specifically read about it in re-mineralization of teeth. Some of the benefits of Vitamin K are:

  • calcium uptake and bone mineralization
  • healthy bones
  • healthy cardiovascular function
  • healthy kidney function
  • healthy aging

Now I cannot really speak to all of those without having done a longer trial and extensive clinical testing. But I can speak to my experience. I believe this specific vitamin had specific benefits. I also find it very interesting that the capsules are specifically made with an olive oil mixture because this is a fat soluble vitamin and needs that to ensure uptake.

As a product I was already researching I found that this one surpassed expectations. I had never used NutriGold products before but will be sure to expand into other products as I need refilling. Overall I am very impressed with their research, dedication to achieving purity, potency and perfection in the products.

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