Thursday 12 February 2015

Fat Business Man: A Cautionary Tale - Mark Campanale

Fat Business Man: A Cautionary Tale
Mark Campanale
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Few books that I have read have been as open, honest and transparent as Mark has been in sharing his story. Mark is able to objectively look back at the mistakes he mad, some time and time again, and say 'yeah it was my choice, my fault, I screwed up' but in saying that he has turned a corner and is now in a very different place.

This short biography follows Marc from his youth to the low point in his life. He shares his darkest secrets and biggest failures. He shares photo's that embarrass him, and stories he regrets. But he does so to show us that change is possible. This book clocks in at 65 pages and most of it is raw. Mark does not hold back, on analyzing his own mistakes, so that they can be an example to others who need to make changes in their own lives.

Once I got into it I could not put it down. Which makes it good that it is short and to the point. Mark's vulnerability is what makes this book most powerful. I believe anyone could read this book and come away looking at their own life in a different way, and looking for ways to make improvements. This book will motivate you without a doubt.

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