Tuesday 24 February 2015

Stone in the Sky - Cecil Castellucci - Tin Star Book 2

Stone In The Sky
Tin Star Book 2
Cecil Castellucci
Roaring Brook Press
A division of Holtzbrinck Publishing

ISBN 9781596437760
eISBN 9781626721517

I read this book about 6 months before its release date. It was an absolutely incredible read. It was my 3rd favorite read in 2014 out of 187 books. I have said it before but with every book by Cecil Castellucci that I read I am more impressed. This one was amazing. Literally I finished it and started reading it again at a slower pace to savor it because the first time I could not pause and raced through the book to finish the story. 

One of the greatest strengths of Castellucci's writing is her strong female characters. In this case we return to the story of Tula Bane. I thought the first book in the series had plot twists and unexpected turns, this second part of the story make it look like a walk in the park. Tula is now a wandering human alone in space, trying to warn other humans and still intent on seeking revenge. But she is also finding that her path is a different one than she expected. 

This story is a strange mix of revenge, love, family and some sense of redemption of justice. I know I plan on going back and rereading both books back to back again. The writing is incredible. It is an excellent read and if you have not picked up the first book give it a try. 

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