Friday 10 August 2012

TRX Force Training

TRX Force Training

This is an awesome 12 week boot camp! Created to get someone deployment ready for us non-military types it will push you hard then push you some more. I need to preface this review by stating that 5 years ago I did P90X and was completely out of shape when I began it. I have stayed pretty active since then and kept most of my weight loss off. This workout kicked my butt like P90X did and more.
For this program, the creators at TRX keep it simple - there is a Strength Workout 1 and a Strength Workout 2; each week you do the two workouts twice. There is a total of 23 different exercises. But you never get bored. Every two weeks you change it up; you increase either reps or sets and always decrease the rest time between exercises. For example, in week 1 and 2 most exercises you are doing 10 reps and only one set, by week 12 you're doing 3 sets of 10-15 reps per exercise. And your transition time is cut in half. All of the exercises are done either with the suspension trainer fully lengthened or fully shortened.

There is also a 7-day cardio plan for the program. It has a mix of interval runs, distance runs, speed runs and flexibility workouts. The cardio component follows the strength component in that every 2 weeks it switches up and gets progressively harder.

I highly recommend that you try all the exercises before beginning the program. I took 3 days and went through the setup, and used and tried each exercise a few times before beginning and it makes a huge difference. Make sure to use this piece of equipment correctly. Follow the mounting instructions, and instructions for getting into it pronated face down and face up. If you follow the simple instructions this workout will amaze you and get great results.

This program is available for purchase if you already own a TRX Suspension trainer. It can be bought as a DVD with a manual or as an instant video download. This was the original program sold with the TRX Force and could be purchased only with that suspension trainer. But it is now available separately and is worth every penny.

(Note: when I upgraded to the TRX Force Kit: Tactical I passed this on to a friend. After 4 weeks he could not believe the difference, especially in size of his biceps.)

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